About us

Freedom is a universal desire.  There are those who want to take it away from others, but everyone wants it for themselves.  There are different kinds of freedom, but there is no greater freedom than spiritual freedom.  By spiritual freedom we mean:

  • Freedom from guilt
  • Freedom from emptiness
  • Freedom from addictions
  • Freedom from fear or anxiety
  • Etc.

Most people have a faulty view of what true freedom is.  They believe freedom is being free to do whatever they want -- to have their own way.  This comes in part from the idea that man is autonomous, that there is no higher authority over him.  What needs to be recognized is that freedom actually comes from a right relationship with our Creator.  If a kite could talk, it may say, "Flying is wonderful, but if I could just break free of this string that is restricting my flight, I would be free to fly wherever I want to."  We all know, however, that the very string that the kite views as restrictive is that which is actually making it free.  If the kite could somehow sever its connection to the string, it would immediately fall to the ground.  Just as the kite must have the right relationship with the string in order to keep soaring, so must we have a relationship with our Creator to have spiritual freedom.  This explains why so many people aren't experiencing the freedom they long for.  They think it comes from the pursuit of their own way, but that pursuit is leading them further and further from true freedom.  Their pursuits, though they view them as desireable, are not bringing fulfillment.  Perhaps these pursuits have left them in trouble with the law, or, what they thought would bring pleasure has turned into an addiction.  There may be a relationship that is about to fall apart because of selfish pursuits.  Guilt is getting worse.  Freedom is simply not being experienced.  Perhaps these words describe you.                                             

How does truth make you free?  Think about this for a moment.  The last person you want anything less than the truth from is your doctor.  If you have cancer, but your doctor is too afraid to tell you the truth, how are you ever going to receive proper care?  Most people never receive spiritual freedom because they've never received the proper diagnosis.  they've never faced the truth that can make them free.  The truth we're talking about doesn't only reveal the proper diagnosis of the human spiritual condition, it also provides the remedy!

This website is for those who have decided they're ready to quit seeking freedom by demanding their own way, and are open to an alternative.  We're convinced that what we have to offer is, always has been, and always will be, the one way to true spiritual freedom.  We just want to take you back to the time-tested truth of the Bible.  This is the truth that makes you free!

The Bible has fallen on hard times in our society.  Many people have been convinced that it's full of contradictions, it's outdated, and therefore is no longer relevant.  Yet the vast majority of those same people have never really read it, or, they've pulled portions out of the context in which they were written and thus have distorted what the Bible truly says.  We're asking you to give the Bible a chance.  It's up to you whether or not you'll believe it.  It is our sincere hope that you will!

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